Some Basic Ideas On Reasonable Strategies For Facial Cupping Alicante

Facial Cupping

- Always start from the centre of your face and move outwards and upwards. - Don't be afraid to be firm, we're trying to reverse the effects of gravity here people. Drop a small amount of face oil into the palms of your hands and rub lightly together. Place the palms of your hands against either side of your nose and sweep outwards and upwards. Repeat. Arrange your index and middle fingers into groovy peace signs, join into a diamond shape and place your chin in the hollow. Sweep outwards along and up your jaw. Repeat. Place your peace signs upright with each finger hugging the sides of your cheekbones in a V shape (your middle finger should be alongside your nose, your index finger on the outside of your face). Push up and repeat. Place your index finger on the outer corner of your eye pulling it taut.

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